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pvc recycling

You want to send us your sample? 

We are always looking for new supplies. Please get in contact via mail first to check our interest.  If we are indeed interested send us a representative sample of your product.

Send it to:
BessTrade, Binnenhavenweg 31
8211 AA Lelystad. The Netherlands

+31 341 557 777

Include a copy of our e-mail correspondence as well as your business card. This way we can quickly define whom it’s from and give you the proper feedback. Send it with a Track & Trace to keep track of your parcel.

To quote you our best price we need some extra information:

1. Is this material ongoing, or a one time offer?

2. What quantity can be loaded in a 40″ container?

3. What is the nearest shipping port?

4. What is the origin of the material; location as well as type of production plant.

When you like to offer PVC scrap to BessTrade follow this procedure:

To work faster we always need reaction
If I get all this info, I can give price indication very quickly

We always need this info
To quote you the best price

1. Several pictures in detail (close) and whole lot

2. quantity per month?

3. quantity that you can load into 40f container?

4. shipping port?

5. ongoing business?

6. what was original? to get a better picture of the Scrap

we are eager to do more pvc scrap business