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BessTrade is a worldwide trading company in the total range of polymers. Ivo Besselsen is the founder of the company and this is going back to 1975. In that year he started his first plastic recycling company and it was for 100% specialized in PVC. Besiplast grew out to one of the leading companies in PVC recycling and became a worldwide symbol of knowledge. In 2003 Ivo stopped with the PVC trade and started a successful internet shop.

In 2008 some old business partners asked Ivo to look for some recyclable items, and because of this the inner flame for recyclable plastics came up again: BessTrade was born. By the end of 2009, Ivo asked Huib van Gulik to join the company. At that moment Huib was associate director in one of the leading Korean electronic companies and fulfilled different others jobs in sales, service and logistic.

BessTrade has very close connections with Schwarzataler in Germany. Schwarzataler is one of the leading production plants for reprocessed granulate. These granulates are used in a very broad range of products among others toy parts, clothing and garden products, which include plant tubs as well as bed borders, are used in the final consumer´s everyday life. But also windows, pipes, lawn grids or transport pallets made of recycling plastics conserve natural resources and are often the more economical alternative due to their longevity.

BessTrade is a company with a healthy ambition to grow out to one of the leading companies in their business area and to bring a strong contribution to the environment for the coming generations. The only waste is wasted waste. This is not only a slogan but a strong believe. For every waste is a solution and can contribute to our environment.