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The Inflatable Project

The pilot

During the summer of 2022, we teamed up with Cirkelwaarde for a pilot in which we investigated whether it would be workable to collect inflatable PVC products through environmental streets. CirkelWaarde, a resource alliance of AVU, ROVA and Circulus – three Dutch waste organizations that together collect about 1.25 million tonnes of household waste per year.

We commenced collection in July, but by mid-August, we received many applications to participate in the project. Cyclus and Rd4 were still admitted. But it would soon become too big to handle.

The aim of the pilot was to see whether there was enthusiasm for it among residents of the municipalities that participated, whether it was logistically feasible and whether we would receive the right material.

The results

Facts & Figures

During the course of three months 97 bins were swopped in only 15 runs. We collected 14.778 kg of material, unfortunately 50% was rubbish 😉
The average weight per bin was 152,35kg, the highest weight was reached by AVU Lopik, they managed to fit 367kg in one bin.

Changes to be made

Because of the pilot we found out that the game rules need to be tighter. For next year we will focus on inflatables only, no more baths. Also, there should be a gate fee on it, processing and handling is more complicated than we expected beforehand.