We recycle your PVC scrap!

What can we do for you?

PVC comes in many shapes and sizes, and we have a recycling line for most types of PVC waste.

  • We process rigid and soft post-production scrap into fine grinding material, granules or powders. Whatever is best for the customer to bring this material directly back into the supply chain.
  • We have a screening facility where we screen, clean and blend floorsweeps into new compound.
  • we process recuperated plastisols, which are released during cleaning, or deployment of a new run, during extrusion. We can vacuum out the presence of white spirit, then blend the recovered plastisol with either plasticiser or PVC powder, giving it the right viscosity for immediate production.



Where do we start?


Get in touch with us!

Please take the scrap test at the bottom on this page. If you have some PVC magic, that we can process to raw material, get in touch with us.


Let's discuss the proper process

We’ll discuss the current process you have in place, the origin, annual tonnage, the way it’s packed and type of process that needs to be implemented to collect and/or transport your material to our plant. We would love to go circulair and return your new found raw material. If you are not ready for that, we will offer it as raw material to one of our partners. We guarantee 100% recycling, compliant with European regulations.


The financial talk

We’ll come together to talk about financials. As we work globally we are up to date on current PVC and transport pricing. We aim to be transparent, and to benefit equally out fo this partnership.


Implementation of process

The first time is always exiting 😉 The second time we’ll get the hang out of it, from then on it’s day to day business.

Scrap check

Does your scrap has what it takes to be recycled in our plant? Fill out the form and find out.

Nice, We love PVC

Is there any contamination or is it 100% pure?

Sorry we are a PVC specialized company! Do you need help pointing you in the right direction? If so, get in touch we might be able to help you out!

Get in touch!

Wow, love it!

Please send us some pictures, tonnage, where it’s currently stocked, and we’ll get in contact within the next two working days!

    Drag & Drop or

    No problem!
    We would love to see it and test it in our lab!

    Can you please send us a sample of your material and describe what you produce? What the packaging is and the tonnage per year you would like to recycle? You can send your sample, including your business card and info to:

    VinylRecycling | Sample Room,
    Binnenhavenweg 31,
    8211 AA Lelystad,
    The Netherlands.

    MicroCycle, impact on a smaller scale!

    MicroCycle is a process that was set up to service companies that work with PVC products, and produce a smaller amount of PVC scrap.  We aim to prevent PVC scrap from going to incineration or landfill, instead we offer 100% recycling.

    Please note, MicroCycle should not be seen as a revenue model for your organization, but above all to contribute to the environment. It’s a partnership, a joint effort.

    How do I apply for MicroCycle?
    1. Get in touch! We will discus your current process, what type of PVC you have, the amount of scrap your produce, etc;
    2. If you like what you hear, you will be set up as a
      MicroRecyler and you will receive your MicroBins within the following two weeks;
    3. Once you have filled the MicroBin up to 80%, you send an email to request a pick-up;
    4. You will receive a confirmation within two working days with the pick-up & replenishing date;
    5. Once the material is received by our team, we inspect and weigh the load and evaluate the quality.
    What's the financial benefit?

    This industry is fast moving, but the transport industry is just as unpredictable.  Therefor we have decided to calculate these separately, as two factors we can influence. We offer you a price for your material per metric ton, and we calculate a price for each pick-up.

    We need to find the proper balance, this might mean more bins at your premisses, and fewer collections to make this process beneficial for all of us.

    How do I know if I have the proper material?

    The only way to find out is by testing! Get in touch to discuss!

    Call me, I think I'm ready to become a MicroRecycler!