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A recycling company specialized in PVC

The name covers it all, we are specialized in the recycling of PVC.  Through the years we gained a strong expertise in PVC; each and every type of waste is seen as a challenge, and with continuous dedication and innovation we search for pragmatic solutions to process or reuse this material.

We partner up with production plants all over the world to find solutions for their production scrap, or to find ‘recycled’ alternatives for their compounds and raw materials. Whether it is rigid, soft, plastisol or powder; our goal to find a solution for all types!

Because of our expertise we are the early adaptors, the innovators in search for new ways to recycle vinyl products that are currently going to incineration of landfill.  We are spreading our fields, up till now we only took care of post production material. We are testing new solutions to recycle used PVC medical products straight from the hospital floors.   And are proud to announce, that in the coming year, we will start reprocessing vinyl flooring with felt and bring it back to raw material that can become a new vinyl floor!  

We can guarantee a cradle-to-cradle loop as sustainability, environmental friendliness, partnership and cost savings are our pillars.

History in a nutshell

BessTrade has over 40 years of experience in the recycling industry

Ivo Besselsen, the founder of BessTrade, started his journey back in 1975 with his first company Besiplast. The focus was on PVC, a material with a difficult connotation back in the days, and unfortunately still today. We keep on fighting for PVC, as it is such a versatile material that can be used in many ways.

Besiplast grew to one of the leading companies in PVC recycling and became a worldwide symbol of knowledge. In 2000, Ivo decided it was time for change and started other businesses.

However, being a specialist with an active career of 45 years, he found himself being drawn towards the recycling field once again. In 2008 he was approached by some old business partners who urged him to restart. Ivo geared up for the second phase of his business and BessTrade was born. Known for his passion and dedication, business picked up in no time. He asked Huib van Gulik to partner up. Huib was working as an Associate Director in one of the leading Korean Electronic companies at the time, but saw the potential and dove in! They’ ve been a strong team ever since.

PVC Recycling Lab

Cradle to cradle is what we aim for

Many of the materials we use have the capacity to be recycled or reused

The main vision of BessTrade is to design the most effective management and operations solutions possible for the reuse and/or conversion of all types of PVC scrap. Over the years BessTrade grew from a trading company, to a true partner in which we help International manufacturers to collect their waste, bring it back to raw material and sell it so it can enter another supply chain. We also help organizations making the transition from virgin to recycled compounds, whether or not from their own post production waste.

Please get in contact if you want to discuss the possibilities. Send your inquiry to’s worldwide network of our suppliers and buyers

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