Our mission is to be the industry leader in PVC recycling. Therefor a change of name, from BessTrade to Vinylrecycling.com was an absolute necessity and kickstart of a new strategy.

Through the years we gained a strong expertise in PVC postindustrial scraps. Every type of scrap is seen as a challenge, and with continuous dedication and innovation we search for pragmatic solutions to process or reuse this material.

We partner up with production plants all over the world to design and implement solutions for their production scrap, or to find ‘recycled’ alternatives for their compounds and raw materials, preferably made from their own scrap.

Through the years we transformed from a trading company to a recovery center. In our factory in Lelystad in the center of The Netherlands we have all the facilities and machinery for processing your PVC scraps. We take care of the whole chain, from collection to offering it again as a material that can re-enter your supply chain.

Please get in contact if you want to discuss the possibilities and send us your inquiry via the “Get in touch!”  button below. 

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